hey loves its been a while since I posted on the blog or  anything natural hair related. Last year I faced yet another setback when it came to my hair journey. If you are interested in knowing a basic summary head over to my channel and watch my latest video. In another attempt to grow my hair again, I decided to adopt a simple routine. Below are all the products I currently use. 
Product Details
  • Shea moisture detangler:  this product is amazing, I use it on wash days to detangle before I pre poo. Wash time has been reduced by half the time and the price point is not bad either . ( beauty supply store for less that $10)
  •  Pure & Natural shampoo and conditioner:  I have been busy trying to get caught up sine my surgery so wash days are only happening every two weeks. I stumbled upon P&N products in the dollar store  and its been the best thing since cooked rice. I rarely shampoo my hair, maybe once every 2 months or as needed. ($3 -Dollar store, on amazon >$10)
  •  Treseme Naturals conditioner:  I have been using this product since the start of my natural hair journey and it is just  one of those products I can rely on any given day. 
  •  My homemade shea butter:  not to be biased but this is probably my favourite product. Natural oils can be expensive and that alone can be discouraging.  I was excited when I found these Via natural oils in my local beauty supply for under $2. Unlike when I did my shea butter video, it cost me close to $100  to buy all the ingredients but this time it cost me just a little over $10 (my favs are Jojoba, peppermint , avocado, vitamin e). 
  • Castor oil and Olive oil: last but not least, I decided to switch the brand of JBCO to the Kuza brand and its been just as amazing minus the itching.

Please watch my latest video to learn more about my current routine. 
thanks for your love support and patience