Hey Lov3s! Happy New Year! ...I just wanted to share with you all some of the things I have been doing as of late to make my life more enjoyable. It was around a month ago when I read the article Happiness is the Truth and decided to challenge myself to make a conscious effort to change my life inside and out. On top of making an effort in the areas below, I start my day with reading my bible, prayer and meditating. I can tell you that I genuinely feel more alive and motivated, and the quality of my life has greatly improved. 

GratitudeWe spend a lot of time wishing and working on the best thing that will make us happy, but the truth is, when we get that thing, our satisfaction is only momentary. Off we go again, obsessing over the next thing and so on. It is important to be consciously grateful and appreciative of the now moments while we work on bettering ourselves. The moment I open my eyes in the morning, I take a deep breath and give thanks to God for waking me up to see another day. I genuinely give thanks for the gift of my life, and everything and everyone connected to me. I also set reminders every three hours to remind myself to be grateful.

Self-Acceptance, Authenticity, and FearlessnessWe live in a society that drives who we should be through likes and comments. It has become easy to feel less than good enough each day. When we are critical of ourselves, we lose sight of who we truly are and become stuck in a rut of misery. I embrace who I am by consciously shutting down the critical voice in my head that tells me I am not good enough. If I decide to do something, I do it immediately before fear overrides my confidence. I chose three words that describe me, and whenever I find myself having a self-negating moment, I shift my thoughts by focusing on one of my three words (courageous, kind, loving). 

Giving BackWe can be self-absorbed, where we forget that regardless of our current positioning in life, we are doing much better than others and we are beyond blessed. I think that when we hear the words "giving back", most of us think of tangible things or money. But the truth is, not everyone has these things to give. Sometimes just our time, words of encouragement and a simple genuine conversation is all people need. I try to demonstrate kindness and love throughout my day. I do small, unexpected things for those around me. When you smile to a stranger, you are giving back warmth and sharing your joy with another person. 

Healthy LivingWhen I'm exercising and eating well, I go through my day energized. I don't procrastinate, nor do I feel the need to take naps like a toddler. Healthy living also extends to creating boundaries to those things that are toxic to your mind and spirit. I have learned to recognize relationships or environments that drain me, and I immediately back away as soon as I start to feel a nag in my spirit.  

If you have read this far, thank you.

til the next post,