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hello loves, just wanted to share the newest addition to my strapless sandals collection. Personally I'm a kitten heel kinda girl, however after trying these on i fell in love. Bonus is that they are actually comfortable and the price point is a plus. these would be perfect for wedding season..details below.... 

Imagine brilliant sunsets, laid-back vibes, shrimp cocktails, blue water, fresh food daily. Well loves, l got to experience that in Mexico for a whole two weeks. I finally had the courage to pack my fears away and l went on a life changing experience. When l look back now honestly l can do this all over again because this was the best investment ever.

I never knew that taking time away from familiar surroundings can completely give one a new perspective on life. Plus, the big bonus of this trip was l came back energized and recharged.

Besides being a beach bum, l also spent my days exploring and mingling with the locals. Immersing myself in a different cultural experience that was rich taught me humility.See, the Mexican culture from the outside looks simple. But when l took a deeper look at the locals l witnessed purity and real joy.  Their wealth is their happiness, they have it in abundance and its evident in the twinkle of their eyes and you feel it when they say “Buenos Dias,” 

The evenings are even more beautiful, the salsa music on the patios automatically causes you to gyrate. The universe was making me experience perfection. Damn, perfect feels good. In those moments you realize that one needs to stop looking for perfect moments. Sometimes all you need to do is stop and feel perfection.

 Going forward, my goal is to put more energy in executing my goals rather than procrastinating. Imagine if l had procrastinated planning this trip. I would have never had this light bulb moment. Honestly this experience made me catch the travel bug, and l want you too to catch it and feel what l felt. I promise you, you too will be enlightened just as l was.

For accountability reasons, I'm sharing with you the list of five things I’m going to focus on in 2019. I welcome you to share with me your travel experience as well as your 2019 goals.

 1.      I’m going to say Yes more often especially to ideas that scare me
2.      I’m going to be impeccable with my word
3.      Practice gratitude and self-love
4.      Genuinely support and cheer for others when they win
5.      Read more books

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