Imagine : blooming where you are planted
Imagine : blooming where you are planted

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 hey Lov3s, its been  a longtime since i posted anything on the blog but I'm hoping this is the beginning of  a new habit o consistency. As the tittle suggested, I'm starting a new series titled style on a budget. This series was inspired mainly by conversations i have been having with friends(old and new). We live in a time where our spending is influenced by social media and the reality is most of us can not afford to keep up with the jones without being homeless. the mission for the series is share with you different way i have been able to incorporate trend pieces into my style without breaking the bag.

Fall trends: As seen during fashion week, oversized menswear was hit ......Checkered print was another reoccurring trend,. the good thing about the checkered trend, it seems to be the popular style in the trift store since its been around from 1900s. so before spending big bucks start with your local thrift. I love thrift thrifting because, it makes me feel better about my spending especially if I'm spending just a fraction of what i would normally in regular store. if You' don't like thrifting an you preferto rip the tags of and the scent of new clothes. i have linked some cheaper alternative down below
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hi lovelies! it feels good to be back to blogging again.I have been spending most of my weekends at the beach  and  i wanted to make my first post  about swimwear.  Regular trips to the beach can be costly if we talking about swimwear  and as a result i  have pretty much mastered the art of  mixing and matching. Lately i have been loving high waist bikini bottoms and f21 has some great pieces at great prices. listed  below are some of my favourite tips  on how not to go broke trying to look cute at the beach

1. Invest in basic/plain colour pieces 
2. create different combination through mix and matching 
3. substitute bikini tops with t-shirts, thrift store is good place for some inexpensive ones if you are going to customizes like i did my girlboss one
4.  when you are at the beach , confidence is a must. sometimes when I'm bloated i like to wear a white shirt as a cover up, again thrift store is great place to start
5.most importantly go out and have fun!